Donor Found: Team Tyler


Only 25 percent of siblings will be matches for bone marrow transplants. Unfortunately, one teen in need of a match had a sibling who fell in the other 75 percent.

Back in October of 2012, Tyler Snow was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, and PNH. Both are rare diseases that affect one person in every 5 million people.

Snow can only be treated through a bone marrow transplant and has been on the prowl for a match since he found out that his brother was not a perfect counterpart. He is currently on an immune-suppressant in hopes that it will defeat what is causing his body to kill his bone marrow.

Litchfield Public School is working to help Snow as students there have created a donation fund called "Team Tyler". They presented a $1,500 check to Snow Monday and he, along with team leader Falicia Shepardson, say their community always pulls through.

"It's very rare. Nothing ever happens like this. I think that he would've never imagined something like this would happen, and no one thought it would happen to him. Knowing that everyone is behind him and supporting him is making him feel good," shared Shepardson.

"It's nice to have a good community and it's really nice to know that somebody cares. I'm coping well. There's nothing else you can do really. You just have to go through it. Push on; day-by-day. It's the only way you'll make it," stated Snow.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Following my brief interaction with Tyler, he told me he was headed to his weekly doctor's appointment expecting to go in for another treatment. About an hour later, he received word that he finally found a donor with a perfect match.