Donor Gives 36 Gallons; "It's Easy"


Kearney resident Barb Friskopp has been donating blood since she was 17-years-old, and she says she has no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Friskopp has been donating blood for about 40 years, and has reached a donation total of 36 gallons. She said it was someone else needing heart surgery that started her donation spree, and from there, she saw the benefits herself.

"It's easy, and I think I am able to do it. I think sometimes I am very, very selfish; and this is just an unselfish way of doing it. It helps me as well as helping some others," shared Friskopp. "When I was giving platelets, I would get a card in the mail saying the donation was used by someone who had something. That made it real personal; that was nice."

Friskopp encourages everyone able to help save a life by donating at the NTV's Tri-Cities Blood Drive on May 6.