Double Murder Suspect Moves Closer to Trial


Double murder suspect Michael Petersen has waived preliminary hearings in both Buffalo County and Hall County, so his case now moves on to the trial court.

Petersen was scheduled to appear Tuesday morning in Buffalo County, but the case was moved to Hall County, for a joint hearing.

Petersen appeared by video from jail, with his attorney.

Buffalo County Attorney Shawn Eatherton and Hall County Attorney Mark Young sat together at the prosecutors table.

Hall County Judge Philip Martin explained the two counties are part of the same judicial district, and judges can hear cases from either county.

Petersen answered only yes or no when prompted by the judge, but did not say anything else.

His attorney was granted access to investigative reports in preparation for trial.

Petersen is accused of killing his ex-wife Nancy Petersen in Kearney, then driving to Grand Island where police say he shot his attorney Todd Elsbernd.

The case now moves to the district court. Prosecutors say it's not clear if the case will proceed in two counties, or jointly.

Petersen will continue to be held at the Hall County Jail.