Downtown G.I. Quilt Store to Close


After five years a Downtown Grand Island quilt shop is closing.

It has been a hard week for Nana's Country Quilt Shoppe owner Vicki Boord.

"This was my home away from home," she said.

Customers say they feel the same. They've been crowding the store since news of its closure was announced.

Devona Burklund comes all the way from Sutton to shop at the store.

"I was so sad," she said. "Even my husband was sad about it."

Burklund said she came in on Saturday to spend as much as she could afford to stock up on supplies.

"It's been like a funeral. I mean, we come in and we cry all the time," said customer Judy Brott.

Boord said quilt shops like hers haven't rebounded from a down economy.

"People just aren't spending extra money on things that aren't a necessity," she said.

Boord said an increase in her individual health insurance premiums made it even harder to keep the shop open. She points the finger at Obamacare.

"[My premiums] went from $800 a month to $1300 a month, $25 deductible to $6,000 deductible," she said.

Though the Obama administration has said the Affordable Care Act will reduce premiums for many, major insurers have warned prices for those with individual plans could increase dramatically this year.

Whatever the reason for the close, customers say they'll miss a place to sew.

Boord said one customer has even been buying lottery tickets, hoping to win big and save the store.

Customers said they'll also miss the shop's owner, described as a friend to everyone.

"Those friendships won't die. They'll go on and I'll still be quilting," said Boord.

She plans to close by the end of February, but first everything must be sold.