Driver Cited After Semi-Train Accident


By Connie Weight Twitter @ntvconnieweight

A truck driver suffers a close call with a train in rural Hall County.

Thursday afternoon, a semi hauling a flatbed was struck by a Westbound 134-car train. The truck had stopped for an Eastbound train, crossed the tracks and was struck by the oncoming train. During cleanup a skid loader also overturned adding a bit more chaos to the scene.

Officials stress diligence when it comes to trains.

"Trains can't stop quickly, they're going in a straight line down the track, motorists need to take it on themselves to use extreme caution when crossing railroad tracks," said Hall County Sheriff Capt. Todd Bahensky. "There's not really anything the train can do once you're crossing the tracks except hit the brakes, then it takes a long time to stop."

The driver of the semi was cited with failure to yield to an approaching train, and the conductor and engineer were transported to a local hospital, examined and released.