Drought Yields Weak Wheat Harvest for Southwestern Nebraska


Last year's record drought continues to haunt area wheat farmers, especially those in the southwestern part of the state.

Moisture received in the last week proved too late for many wheat fields around the Cambridge area, where little to no moisture has been seen since late spring.

Wheat Board chairman Von Johnson says, "This season hasn't been very good in this area. The wheat field we're standing in now I couldn't even harvest. I took the sample and it was making one and two bushel the acre. So we didn't finish harvesting it."

Still feeling the punch from last years drought hasn't helped farmers like Johnson, whose fields are completely dry.

But luckily some nearby areas have had a bit more luck.

Johnson went on to say, "I had one field that was making about ten bushels that I'd cut for seed wheat. But other than that, we haven't had very good luck around here. If you get a ways away from here, about ten-fifteen miles, they have a little more average yields though. But right in this close area here, it's been really dry."

The eastern part of the state has been seeing better luck however, as they near the end of their harvest, with yields around 50 to 60 bushels per acre.