Drug Arrest Made During Enforcement Effort Near GISH

Brian Cueva

A Grand Island man was arrested for drug possession during increased enforcement at Senior High Tuesday.

Brian Cueva, 18, was booked into the Hall County Jail just after noon.

Officials said he is not a student at GISH.

In three hours, six officers and a supervisor pulled over 25 vehicles around the school.

Authorities said about 60 percent of those stopped were students, but 40 percent were adults in the area.

Police said although they were looking for all criminal activity, they were focusing on traffic violations.

"We've had a lot of complaints over the years with the types of traffic violations going, whether they be running stop signs, speeding, careless driving through the parking lot, around the building, as well as loud music," said GIPD Captain Dean Elliot.

Elliot said numerous people were warned or cited.

He said the department is increasing special efforts like this to increase safety and decrease crime. Similar enforcements have already been done at schools like G.I. Northwest, but police are also targeting high crime areas.

"Maybe where there's a lot of burglaries going on. Maybe where we have a lot of car thefts or break-ins to vehicle-type things. If we can identify these, we have special operation sergeants that are specially trained, then will come up with an operation and man power assigned to it," said Elliot.

He said officers are pulled from other shifts to work during the project.