Dryland Corn Hurting from Heat, Lack of Moisture


Officials say above-average temperatures and lack of rain have added stress to much of Nebraska's dryland corn crops.

The Department of Agriculture says last week only 35 percent of dryland corn was rated good or excellent, compared to the 59 percent average.

Subsoil moisture supplies were rated as 75 percent short or very short due to the limited rainfall over the summer months.

Meanwhile, irrigated corn is rating 81 percent in the good or excellent categories.

Just over 60 percent of Nebraska soybean crops were rated as good or excellent which is fairing better than the state's alfalfa conditions.

Alfalfa was rated at 49 percent good or excellent. The third cutting was 95 percent complete which is close to the average of 93 percent, but the fourth cutting was only 13 percent complete -- far below the 31 percent average for this time of the year.