Dubas Embraces Gay Brother in Position on Marriage


A candidate for governor takes a stand on a hot button issue, with an opinion on gay marriage informed by family experience.

Senator Annette Dubas says she supports marriage for all, including those like her brother, who is gay.

He now lives in California after spending much of his life in Nebraska.

Because of her brother, she said it's a personal issue, and one she believes other Nebraskans can relate to.

She told NTV, "I believe my family represents thousands of families across Nebraska as well as this nation. Just that understanding nothing in Nebraska will change until citizens in Nebraska are ready for it to change."

Dubas said the issue would require an amendment to the state constitution, something she said citizens would have to pursue.

Dubas is running for governor as a Democrat.

Her Facebook page encourages supports to "stand with Annette, support marriage equality."

"It's a part of who I am, it's a part of my family," she said.

She said her role is to put a face to the issue, based on her brother's experience, but said change would have to come from citizens.