Duncan Man to Serve Jail Sentence on New Year's, Judge Isn't Giving Him a Chance to Drink and Drive


As a way to keep one man convicted of drinking and driving off the streets of New Year's, an eastern Nebraska judge has ordered the man to serve his sentence over the holiday.

Chasin Renteria, 29, of Duncan, was sentenced Thursday by Platte County Court Judge Frank Skorupa. Renteria had pleaded no contest to charges of speeding and aggravated drunken driving. He was arrested after being pulled over on Oct. 9.

Renteria wanted to begin his two-day jail sentence on Jan. 4, but the judge said no.

Skorupa said to Renteria, "I don't want you out on the streets on New Year's Eve."

The judge ordered Renteria to report to jail at 4 p.m. Monday. Renteria also was sentenced to six months of probation.