Dylan Holloway Reviews: 300: Rise of an Empire


It has been eight years since the first 300 film conquered thetheaters helmed by Zack Snyder, and his extraordinary CGI dominated film. Thereis a new sequel this time directed by Noah Murro, and written by Zack Snyder,it's my review of 300: Rise of an Empire.

Starring Sullivan Stapleton as the inspiring Themistokles who istrying to rally all of Greece in an attempt to overturn the tyranny run by manturned god Xerxes. The film looks and feels very similar to the eye entrancinggore fest that was the first, but yet the film always seems to fall short. EvaGreen plays the chilling Artemesia with a back story that is so sad, and hardto watch it makes every other back story you have seen before seem like child'splay. Noah Murro does his best to imitate Zack Snyder and his idea behindmaking the entire film in a green screen, something that seemed so innovativeeight years ago, and nothing short of spectacular now seems to fly over theaudiences head due to how much easier it has become. The CGI and graphics inthe film is nothing short of spectacular and the production design is nothingshort of brilliance, if you can look past the buckets of gore.

The film begins with Themistokles in a battle against Persiawhere he slings the famous arrow killing the current king of Persia. Xerxesovercome with grief from his fathers death, a manipulative and smart Artemesiaconvinces him that a man can not beat Greece, but a God can. This is whenXerxes goes on a voyage to become a God, and Xerxes does eventually return at atowering height and has now been made into a God. The film encompasses the timeperiod before, during, and after the 300 spartans had fallen making this filminteresting because it was constantly in reference to the first.

Just a really fun hard R. An absolute gorefest that is just a great timeto sit back and relax with a large bucket of popcorn and those 3D glasses on.Though Sullivan Stapleton doesn't quite measure up to the performance thatGerard Butler gave in the first, it is still picked up by his supporting castmembers who were actually really fun to watch. You will get exactly what youexpect in this film, and that's what makes it fun, it delivers. In my opinionnot quite as good as the first, but still a ton of fun, I give 300: Rise of anEmpire a B- and say enjoy the extreme gore that entails.