Dylan Holloway Reviews: Mr. Peabody & Sherman


Mr. Peabody & Sherman, the newest animated release fromDreamworks studio, and directed by the famous Rob Minkoff who is most known fordirecting The Lion King. Loaded with very famous, and talented voice actors,it's my review now.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman first graced the small screen in the60's on the show Rocky and Bullwinkle Show with characters under the originalname of Peabody's Improbable History.

The film is starring Ty Burrell who voices the character Mr.Peabody who is an absolute genius, graduated Harvard, and is a master inventor.He also is a dog with a human son named Sherman. When Mr. Peabody was a youngboy he had always wanted to be adopted and never was so when he stumbles uponSherman in a box in the rain he goes through the court system to try and gainadoption of Sherman. Mr. Peabody is successful and raises Sherman the best thathe can. Peabody invents a machine called "The Way Back" where he can timetravel and bring Sherman to the most famous historical events to teach himthings so that Sherman can be a very intelligent young child. On Sherman'sfirst day back to school he is ridiculed by a young child named Penny Petersonbecause he is a boy raised by a dog. He bites in her retaliation and thisresults in the possibility that Mr. Peabody can lose guardianship of Sherman.To try and smooth things over Mr. Peabody invites Penny and her parents over totry and work things out to the kids. Peabody only has one request to Shermanand that is to not show her the way back which he ends up doing of course.Sherman loses Penny in ancient Egypt and can not get her to come back, this iswhen he needs the assistance of Peabody to try and retrieve her and bring herback into the present day.

This is a fun, exciting children's movie, filled with laughterand intelligent voice actors. Ty Burrell, Leslie Mann, Stephen Colbert, MaxCharles, and Ariel Winter all do a fantastic job of voice acting and bringingyou into the story. The animation is a wonder to look at especially with that$145 million budget by Dreamworks which enhances the film throughout. The filmplays out well, and in my opinion is almost as good as an animated film can be.Not every joke may land, but there are enough that if you don't find one funnythen there will be another momentarily to make you laugh more. I give this filma high recommendation and an A, this is a smart, edgy film that is good for thewhole family.