Dylan Holloway Reviews: Non-Stop


Non-Stop starring Liam Neeson who these days seems absolutelyunstoppable, and unflappable. With the entire airplane conspiring against him,can an air marshall fight to keep the plane in order and save everyone's life?It's my review of Non-Stop.

Non-Stop fires on all cylinders the entire film making itentertaining as hell. The beginning of the film is set up almost identical tothe stereotypes that are usually expected in these types of films. Analcoholic, father, who is getting tired of the job, and truly is just wantingto be finished must go on board, reluctantly, and all I was thinking at thebeginning was not this again. Then director Jaume Collet-Serra has aninteresting twist in the film, and once the plot gets going the film becomes anabsolutely unstoppable thrill ride.

Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) is a former police officer now turnedalcoholic air marshall, scary. He is told that he must go on a flight that hevery much so is unhappy to be on, and yells at his boss that he is. Whenboarding the plane he sits next to the fun and exciting Jen Summers (JulianneMoore) who will stand by his side for the entire film, but could it all be arouse? When the plane is in the air he receives a mysterious text telling Billthat if 150 million dollars is not deposited into a certain account thensomeone on the airplane will die every 20 minutes. The account turns out to bein Bill's name and this is when the body count starts to add up, and everyoneon the plane is turning on the air marshall.

The film is fun, exciting, and just an absolute thrill ride. LiamNeeson gives an awesome performance showing that a 61 year old man can stillfight, and look good doing so. Julianne Moore shows off some talent, which isonly complimented from the smart screenplay by John W. Richardson, ChristopherRoach, and Ryan Engle. Coming into this film expecting the same old boringaction film that we have seen hundreds of times, I was joyfully surprised and Ithink you will too. I give this film a B+ and say enjoy this fun thrill rideunlike anything you've seen before.