Dylan Holloway Reviews: Oscar Predictions The Ballot


Having a tough time deciding between Lupita Nyong'o and JenniferLawrence or those small categories of Best Documentary Feature and Short Film.I hope I can help, my name is Dylan Holloway, and these are my predictions forall 24 oscars in the 2014 Academy Awards this Sunday March 2nd.

To start off let's go with Best Picture, don't write anythingother than 12 Years A Slave, it doesn't matter how much you loved a differentmovie, if you want to be right put down 12 Years A Slave.

Best Actor in a Leading Role, things get tougher. I could seethis award going one of two ways, and it comes down between Matthew McConaughey(Dallas Buyers Club), and Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave). With all of themomentum that Matthew has been getting he is on my Oscar ballot, but I won't beterribly shocked if Chiwetel comes home with it.

Best Actress in a Leading Role, this is Cate Blanchett (BlueJasmine), there is no argument, no hesitation, the award goes to CateBlanchett.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role will go to Jared Leto (DallasBuyers Club).

Best Actress in a Supporting Role is another tough one. I thinkthat Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years A Slave) deserves to win this oscar, and I alsothink that she will with all of the hype and momentum that she is building. Itwill come down to her and Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle) though.

Best Animated Feature will go to Frozen, if it goes to anythingelse then The Academy will have gotten this category wrong two years in a row.I will be shocked if it goes to anything other than Frozen.

Best Cinematography, the best visuals and most interestinglooking film, this award will go to Gravity, no one else has a chance.

Best Costume Design, I struggled on, but typically The Academylikes to give the award to a period film, and The Great Gatsby is what Ibelieve to be the best choice.

Best Director, it pains me to say because I do not enjoy theaward going to someone who bases their entire film on CGI, but Alfonso CuarĂ³nhas this locked up.

A fun one Documentary Feature, I think that you should write downCutie and the Boxer, I think that it definitely has the best chance of winning.And Documentary Short Subject I would go with The Lady In Number 6: Music SavedMy Life.

Best Film Editing, another lock I have Gravity.

Best Foreign Language Film The Great Beauty has the best chanceof winning.

I refuse to believe that for Best Makeup and Hairstyling TheAcademy will give the award to Jackass, or The Lone Ranger, so I would writedown Dallas Buyers Club.

Best Original Score, the beautiful score by Steven Price fromGravity should win bar none.

Best Original Song, this is a tough one, my heart is telling meto go with the very famous Let It Go from Frozen which is a beautiful song, butI am worried that Ordinary Love from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom has achance. I am writing down Let It Go, and hoping The Academy will get thisright.

Best Production Design, the beautiful mesmerizing image of TheGreat Gatsby will forever be ingrained into my memory this should win.

Best Short Film (animated) The Possessions, and Best Short Film(Live Action) The Voorman Problem.

Best Sound Editing, and Best Sound Mixing which usually tie handin hand I am going with Gravity.

Best Visual Effects which is not even a competition this will goto Gravity.

Best Writing Adapted Screenplay I am very hopeful that this willgo to 12 Years A Slave and I think that it has a very good chance of winning.

Best Writing Original Screenplay is going to be tough. I thinkthat it will come down between David O. Russell's American Hustle, and SpikeJonze's Her. Just because I think that it is truly an original screenplay thatwas masterfully done and way underrated I'm going with Spike Jonze's Her.

Good Luck with your ballots this year I hope these are all rightbecause I have them on my ballot as well. My name is Dylan Holloway and you canget all of my movie reviews at