Dylan Holloway Reviews: That Awkward Moment


My name is Dylan Holloway and this is my review for That Awkward Moment.

That Awkward Moment thinks that it has something completelyoriginal with three male leads, but in the end that could be the only thingthat is original in this film. Instead of seeing women complaining about howpoorly their love life is, we get to see three men do it for an hour and ahalf. Good enough? I don't think so. It started off interesting and seemed veryfresh with great comedic moments, and truly great dialogue between the threeleads. Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron, and Miles Teller all were entertaining,and the first half of the film seemed very promising, until it just went backto the basic romantic comedy playbook, falling just short of being somethingfresh and new. First time writer, director Tom Gormican made great strides butjust failed to deliver with That Awkward Moment.

The film picks up with recently separated Mikey (Michael B.Jordan) trying to find a way to get out of the rut that he is in with a littlehelp from his two best friends Daniel (Miles Teller) and Jason (Zac Efron).They make a pact that none of them will get into a relationship so that thethree of them can all be single at the same time. The soon very predictableproblem arises when all three of them start seeing someone that they havestrong feelings for. There are several funny moments that are placed throughoutthe film, including gimmicks with a Viagra pill and self-tanning lotion cominginto play. The very promising beginning falls into the same rut that most otherromantic comedies fall into, making this film just average.

Hilarious performances, but a very lackluster script brings thefilm down. I give this film a C+. I'm Dylan Holloway, and you can get all of myreviews at