Dylan Holloway Reviews: Veronica Mars


Okay marshmallows, otherwise known as Veronica Mars fans coinedby the creator Rob Thomas, it's the movie that you have been waiting for sincethe show was canceled in 2007. It's my review of Veronica Mars.

Before I get to the review aspect there is a little back story ofthe fans that never gave up that just needs to be told. They deserve somerecognition for having a passion for a show and getting that show made into amovie, and never giving up on that idea. In March of 2012 Rob Thomas, andKristen Bell created a video and posted that on kickstarter, (a web site wherepeople go on and donate money to a project to make it a reality).Instantaneously the video spread like wild fire across the internet, where theywere trying to raise up to 2 million dollars. Just a few hours after the videohad been posted they were able to raise that 2 million and the money did notstop there. The film was able to raise a little under 6 million dollars raisingenough money to make the film a reality.

The film picks up 7 years after the last episode had ended, andVeronica is dating a man named Piz who was the person that she was with in theseries finale of Veronica Mars. She is newly graduated from Stanford Universityas a lawyer, and is now going to interviews for high powered law firms in NewYork City before she takes the BAR exam. She has not been involved in aninvestigation since we last saw her, so that way she isn't destroying everyrelationship that she has, or at least that's how she puts it. This is when shefinds out that a famous singer that she went to high school with has beenmurdered, and her ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls is the prime suspect in themurder. When he calls for her assistance she can't pass it up, and in just afew days she is completely pulled into the case digging deeper and deeper.

This film is a tribute to the fans, and an extremely impressivethriller. There are celebrity guests all over the place making the film justthat much more fun. Kristen Bell slides back so easily into being Veronica Marsthat it almost seems effortless, and she still has that dialogue down to aperfect formula only enhancing the film and all of the co-stars that are aroundher. On the same day that the film is released into the theaters it also isbeing released on demand on iTunes, and Amazon, which is just absolutely geniusand could change the film industry forever.

Veronica Mars has done the near impossible feat of being able toconvert from the small screen to the silver screen flawlessly. This is a good,character driven film that is made for the fans, but you don't have to be oneto watch, and enjoy it. In the end Veronica Mars turned out to just be a goodmovie, and if you aren't a fan of the show yet, as soon as you see this filmyou will be converted. As a critic I give this movie an A- and tell you thatthis is one of the better thrillers of the year, as a fan of the Veronica Marsseries it is flawless, and so worth the wait, an absolute must see. Thanks forreading, and enjoy the movie.