Eagle Scouts Add Projects to Meadowlark Outdoor Classroom


Two Eagle Scout projects are also part of Meadowlark's Outdoor classroom -- a footbridge over the dry rock stream, and a future archaeological play area which includes a brick memorial patio and benches, and a sandy area where kids can study paleontology.

Although the project is waiting on funding to get totally finished, future Eagle Scout Trevor Payne is already excited about it.

"I always wanted to do something," Trevor Payne said. "I remember in Kindergarten Kim Humphrey always said if I ever needed to come back to do my Eagle project I could come back and talk to her, and so I did that and I never thought it would be this big, but I'm definitely proud I chose this project."

The memorial area will also have the skeletal form of a T–Rex to finish the project when all of the funding is collected.