Future Eagle ScoutsTake Pride In Adding To Community


While city officials are investing in the future, established parks in the area are getting spruced by local teens as they learn about leadership and hard work.

New dugouts and benches for the Jaycee ball park, and new signage for the Kearney County fairgrounds.

Two young men from Minden's Boy Scout troop 444 find their own ways of earning Eagle Scout status by helping each other.

These projects not only promote people skills and quality workmanship, but gives them a sense of pride that they're the ones who made it happen.

"It's just helping the community like advertisement on there, sign is more appealing", said fairgrounds sign maker Keaton Hoffman. "So it might draw a little more people and help the community a lot."

"Glad that kids saw the need for it, they did it themselves," said dugout project manager Andrew Gasseling.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Both projects are in the finishing stages with additional sign inserts being painted and metal benches to be installed all before the end of the year.