Eagle Viewing at Lake McConaughy


It's not everyday that you can get a view of nation's bird, the bald eagle, but in late winter and early spring, they're all over Nebraska's largest lake.
Lakes McConaughy and Ogallala may be frozen this time of year, but they're the hot spot for viewing eagles.
"Bald eagle viewing, it's the national bird. A lot of people have never seen a bald eagle in
the wild before," explained habitat area technician Garbriel Wilson.
Over 100 eagles come to the lake every year to get their fill of fish. The Kingsley Dam melts the ice and provides the eagles with open water.
"We have lots of different habitat and a unique environment," Wilson said.
The best time to see the eagles is between mid-January and early March, but you can see a wide variety of birds flying in and out all year long.
"You can come out here any time of year, spring and fall, summer and winter. There's always
going to be sometime of bird to see."
Many species flock to Lake McConaughy as their resort and some never leave.
"A lot of birds that should be moving on, just don't need to because they find what they need
at Lake McConaughy," said Wilson.
It's not just for the birds. You can find what you need at Nebraska's largest lake any month of the year.
"It's a beautiful place, Lake McConaughy and Lake Ogallala, give ample viewing for birds. The
bald eagle viewing is seen through October through May, white sandy beaches at McConaughy in the summertime, lots of places to play and lots of things to see."
Cardinals, pelicans, and, of course, sandhill cranes are just some of the other birds you can see.

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