Early Autumn Illnesses Are in Full Swing


Two Rivers Public Health Department is seeing an early rise of illness now that kids are back in school.

Long lasting colds, cases of pink eye and dehydration induced headaches as well as severe allergies are among the top reported cases so far.

Allergies have been especially severe this season for some, and experts say one simple task at night can help keep those allergy symptoms at bay.

"Make sure you don't go to bed without taking a shower. It's a simple thing you can do if you think about it. If you're outside maybe going to school or out doing your job those pollens are on you. So just showering off can make a huge difference," says Two Rivers Public Health Nurse, Marsha Carlson.

Keeping up with regular hand washing is always important, and Two Rivers also reminds to keep the bug spray handy because there are still chances to contract West Nile during this time of year.