Early Development Network Helps Infant Diagnosed with Kleefstra Syndrome


Jamie Hazlett shared about her daughter's diagnosis andexperience with Early Development Network, "Evelynn was diagnosed withKleefstra Syndrome at 1 month of age. It is a rare genetic disorder thatinvolves a small deletion of the 9th chromosome."

She went on the talk about how the disorder affects her daughter. She says it is associated with learning and developmental delays with specific issues including low muscle tone, speech delays, feeding difficulties, etc.

The family was encouraged to speak with the Early Development Network as soon as possible to help Evelynn's development. Jamie says, "At her ageit was tough for us. We weren't sure what we could do for her being so young.Between Amber, Sam with PT, Katie with OT, Casey with special education, andnow Shana with Speech, they have given us so much knowledge on strategies tohelp Evie learn, develop and grow!"

To learn more about the Early Development Network contact Phelps Memorial Heath Center by calling 308.995.2867.