The Harvest is Almost Complete


Many combines are sitting idle, already back in storage, as harvest is almost complete. Nebraska corn and soybean harvest hasn't been this far ahead in the past five years.

The hot, dry summer was one contributing factor in the early harvest. Although the conditions did set some people back, in some counties once the crop was done it dried pretty quickly allowing many farmers to get their crops out of the field and into the bins.

"They're might be a little bit left to do, but not very much," farmer Dudley Nelson said. "We're probably done around Halloween, shortly after sometimes it's before, sometimes it's a lot after."

Many things come in to play when it's time to harvest your crops.

"What kinds of growing season do we have, when did they get their crop started, when did they plant," Dr. Ron Seymour, from the UNL extension said.

According to the USDA's national agricultural statistics service, over the past five years, only 50 percent of the crop was complete by Halloween. Right now, 94 percent of corn and 98 percent of soybeans is complete. Many say that the sooner it gets done, the better.

"It's not fun to harvest when there is snow on the ground," Nelson said.

But some are still recovering from the hot, dry summer.

"There are some people who had yields close to 100 bushels an acre of corn," Seymour said. "I know people that got six on corn."