Eastern Nebraska Man Sent to Prison for Threatening a Witness


An eastern Nebraska man has been sentenced to two terms of 30 to 60 years behind bars for tampering with a witness and making terroristic threats.

Jeffrey Glazebrook, 52, was given the long terms because of his classification as a habitual offender. The sentences will run at the same time, but he will be required to serve at least 20 years in prison because of his habitual criminal status.

"This man's continued disregard for the law proves he is a threatto society," said Attorney General John Bruning in a statement Monday. "We're pleased the court recognized this danger andput Mr. Glazebrook behind bars where he belongs."

During Glazebrook's 2009 murder trial in Saunders County, heattempted to clandestinely threaten to kill a testifying witness. However, he wasobserved doing so by several jurors.

Glazebrook was ultimately convicted ofmurdering an elderly woman, Sadie May McReynolds, in that trial. But, theconviction was overturned by the Nebraska Supreme Court due to the erroneousadmission of evidence of Glazebrook's sexual and physical assaults of other women and a new trial was ordered.

The Saunders County attorney however moved to dismiss the murder charge to ensure that Glazebrook wouldn't evade prosecution because of any time delay.