Easy and Green


Being kind to the environment does not have to be difficult, infact, it can save you time and money. Start with a few simple changes.

Leave fallen cones and evergreen needles in place as an attractivemulch. They do not make the soil tooacidic, but they do help conservemoisture, suppress weeds and improve the soil as they decompose.

Shredded leaves are another free organic mulch. Use your mower instead of a rake to managethese.

Recycle your Christmas tree. Use it as a bird shelter or windbreak in the winter, then support it in the garden and use as atrellis for vining vegetables or flowers.

And include a compost bin. Place one or two in the garden for convenient filling and emptying. Or just create a pile, out of sight and letit rot. Be sure to include only insect,disease and weed free plant debris.

Recycle tree and shrubprunings right in your landscape. Createwattle fences to divide planting areas, create a trellis for vines and supportsfor tall floppy plants. Or rent achipper shredder and grind them into mulch for your trees and shrubs.

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