Eating a Healthy Lunch


It's human nature to eat what's handy instead of makingthe extra effort to eat right, something that can be especially true when it comes tolunch.

But Weight Watchers has some tips to make it easier to eat healthy at lunchtime.

    Shop savvy: When you're outshopping, there a few things you can do to help you make sure you always have ahealthy lunch ready to go.

    First, stockup on containers of various shapes and sizes to accommodate different foodtypes and servings. Just make sure theyare microwave safe.

    Next, invest in a collapsible cooler or tote that can holdhot and cold items.

    Last, when you're atthe grocery store, think "Power Foods": an apple and a cheese stick, individualserving of peanut butter and celery, Greek yogurt and your favorite berries.Bananas and oranges are the ultimate "prepackaged" fruits.

        Hydrate: Don't forget to packbeverages.

        Flavored seltzer waters, vitamin waters, and diet sodas come intheir own cans and bottles. Or bring your own concoction such as iced herbalteas and fruit smoothies in a reusable beverage bottle designed for thatpurpose.

        This way, you'll not only saveon empty calories, but you'll save yourself some extra dollars as well.

            Cook smart: Make-ahead meals area great way to be sure that you always have a healthy lunch at yourdisposal.

            Make a batch of soup onSunday, divvy it up into portion-controlled containers for workday lunches, andpop them into the freezer. Remember to leave room at the top of the containerfor expansion.

            Other good make-ahead dishes that keep well include healthydips, such as hummus and chicken breast to use in sandwiches and on top ofsalads.

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