Economic Indicator Maintains Bumpy Pattern, Falls in January


Keeping with the a recent up-and-down trend, Nebraska's Leading Economic Indicator saw a decline in January after strong gains in December.

The indicator fell by nearly 1 percent in January, but University of Nebraska-Lincolneconomist Eric Thompson says he is still expecting to see growth in the state's economy.

"Increasesin the indicator have been larger than the declines in recent months, implyingan overall increase in the indicator," explained Thompson. "This suggests economic growth in Nebraskaduring 2014."

The LeadingEconomic Indicator is produced each month by faculty and students in UNL'sDepartment of Economics and the Bureau of Business Research in the College ofBusiness Administration.

It is used to predict Nebraska's economic growth for the next six months. Predictors used in the report include: single-family building permits, airline passenger counts, initialunemployment claims, manufacturing hours, the value of the U.S. dollar, andbusiness expectations as reported in the monthly Survey of Nebraska Business.

In January, the report foundmanufacturing hours had increased, but all other components declined.