Education Officials Working on Statewide Testing Problem


LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- Nebraska officials have been working with a state contractor to solve technical problems that hampered statewide writing tests earlier this year.

Eighth- and 11th-grade students in at least 87 districts were affected during testing over a three-week period in January and February.

The head of statewide testing for Nebraska says the source of the problems has been pinpointed. Officials intend to have them fixed before students take statewide reading, math and science tests this spring.

Valorie Foy is director of statewide assessment, and she says about 500 students lost work and 1,000 were shut out or kicked off the program for 40 minutes on Jan. 23. Those 1,500 students represent a little more than 3 percent of the state's 44,000 eighth- and 11th-grade students.