Electric and Gas Companies Encourage Snow/Ice Removal from Meters


NorthWestern Energy in encouraging those impacted by large amounts of snow and ice to check areas of their home for snow and ice buildup.

One of the areas that should be checked is the natural gas and electric meters.

Mike Sydow, South Dakota and Nebraska General manager of operations said, "Natural gas meters require open air in order to operate properly and safely, so while you clear snow from your property also remember to carefully clean snow and ice from your natural gas meter, and keep electric and gas meters free of ice build-up."

The company is also reminding residents to clear a path to the meters in case a first responder would need emergency access to shutoff points.

They warn of the importance in checking the furnace's exhaust venting as well. It needs to be cleared of ice and snow buildup to prevent carbon monoxide from overtaking the home.

NorthWestern Energy officials are also advising residents to use caution and common sense around electric power lines while removing snow from roofs or knocking ice off eaves.

Contact your natural gas or electricity provider if you have questions.