Elwood Board of Trustees Wants a Sales Tax


Elwood's park and other recreation locations don’t meet handicap access laws and it won’t be cheap to fix. The Elwood Board of Trustees has been thinking about the sales tax the past couple of years. They wanted to put it on the ballot of a non-presidential election year.

Currently there are no paths for handicap people in the park. The local pool has no lift to allow people in wheelchairs to enter. The ball fields don’t have ramps for the bleachers.

A vote failed in 2001 and 2006. In one of the elections it failed by a single vote. The board thinks if the vote would have passed 13 years ago, they would have around $500,000 saved up.

“If you’re a business owner, every time you put a dollar in your cash register a penny of what fell through and is just lost below,” said Scharlette Schwenninger, vice chairman of the Board of Trustees.

City officials say if anyone writes a formal complaint about the parks not being handicap accessible, they could be forced to close. That’s why they want to take care of this right away.