Emerson Elementary Gets New Playground Equipment


Volunteers helped to construct two new pieces of playground equipment for students at Emerson Elementary School.

Emerson's playground is the smallest in the school district, and officials are thrilled the community is putting so much effort to put students first.

"I am so excited, number one for our kids, because they've been on a limited playground for most of last year, and just for the Kearney community," said Principal Sam Strecher. "We have so many groups here, we have teachers here from our school, from other schools, church groups, just people that were driving by who wanted to help out. So it's a great thing for Emerson students, staff and the Kearney community in general."

It took almost two years to raise the $100,000 needed for the improvements.

About 50 people came out to volunteer to help build the new play area over the weekend. The equipment will be ready to use by the first day of school in August.