Hiring is No Simple Task for Central Nebraska Employers


Central Nebraska's employers have a lot of hiring to do, and for some, recruiting never stops. And the state's low unemployment rate could actually be creating an extra challenge for employers.

Travis Powell is the founder of a new website that's been around just under one month -- Powell said, "I was talking to a lot of companies here and they're struggling with finding people, which I think makes Career Bum a great opportunity to get their name out, promote their company and promote their jobs as well."

The goal is to reach out to communities with under 100,000 people.

At a Career Fair in Grand Island's Conestoga Mall on Thursday, companies on Career Bum showed up to recruit and get their name out.

The unemployment rate in Nebraska sits at about 4.2 percent according to the latest numbers from the Nebraska department of labor, while the nation's sits at 7.3 percent.

Christina Perry, a recruiter for Viaero Wireless said she sees the effects of the unemployment rate first hand. While the lower rates are a sign of a stronger economy, it's making recruiting difficult.

Perry said, "It's difficult to find the right person; every company is hiring now."