"Enchanted" Showing at the World Theatre


Children's movie Enchanted was a big attraction for many local families at the World Theatre this past week. The film is one of few Disney movies that have come to the World Theatre.

"AAA, a Nebraska travel agency, was interested in sponsoring a movie and we tried to find something we have up their alley, and they happen to have a Disney promotion going on at the same time, this whole month of January," said World Theatre Manager Bryce Jensen.

The movie was filled with people of all ages, but most importantly, everyone enjoyed watching the film.

"I loved it; it's one of my favorite movies. I remember when it came out. I was in the seventh or eighth grade. I was really excited to come back and see it again. I have all the songs memorized so it was hard not to sing it," said movie-goer Molly Ostrberg.

"First time coming as a 20–year–old male. It wasn't bad, I enjoyed it. She really liked it, so I liked it myself," said Jordan Starusta.

"I think it was kind of magical for kids, and I think it was a wonderful movie," said yet another attendee, Riley Carson.

This non–profit theatre brings in a different crowd of people by showing films that would appeal to everyone's interest. Being a success to the whole community is what they are all about.

"We're here for the community, and it's great for people to come out and support us. We always welcome new faces," says Jensen.

Jensen says he would not be here without his weekend crew of volunteers, who also sponsor the business.

"I started here just to get my volunteer hours for school, but then I fell in love with the place and everyone that I volunteer with," shared Tori Olson. "I love the theatre, I love the movies, and it's just I love the people. It's just one big happy family, and we all have a lot of fun down here."

The theatre also shows NBC drama "The Blacklist" every Monday night at 6:45 followed by a live question and answer with Jon Bokenkamp, who is the creator of the "Blacklist" show and founding president of the World Theatre.