Hastings Police Investigate Explosive Device


A bomb explodes in Hastings, now police try to find out where it came from.

NTV spoke with homeowner Rod Pontine earlier on Friday. He says the explosive was set at his home early Thanksgiving morning, right between the storm door and front door.

Pontine tells us it violently exploded...blowing the storm door into the yard, shattering glass, and damaging the inside of his home.

Pontine, his wife and two young children live at the home, and fortunately no one was hurt.

He hopes someone out there will be able to help the police find answers.

"Well, this was a very serious crime," said homeowner Rod Pontine. "And we would appreciate anyone's help in solve this crime. They can contact Deputy Paul Webber at the Hastings Police Department."

The bomb squad was called to the scene. Hastings Police are still investigating, and say they haven't made any arrests yet.