Extension Website to Help Business Owners Understand Affordable Care Act


A new University ofNebraska-Lincoln Extension website is geared towards helping business owners understand the Affordable Care Act and its impact on their businesses.

UNL Extension educator Carroll Welte says the website will include timely information for those who are self-employed or who employ a small or large number of people.

She says this information is even relevant for farmers. "Under the ACA, agricultural businesses are nodifferent from other business types. Farmers and ranchers need to know therules, especially if they have a large number of employees," Welte said.

The website features articles, videos, news and blog feeds to help visitors understand how the changes will affect business, as well as how they can develop a business strategy that meets the Affordable Care Act requirements and meets needs for continued growth.

"The Oct. 1, 2013 deadline is coming fast and employers need to be awareof the ACA employee notification requirement of whether they will or will notprovide health coverage in 2014." says Marilyn Schlake, UNL Extensioneducator. "The federally funded individual Marketplace and the SmallBusiness Health Options Program (SHOP) exchanges are scheduled to open on Oct.1. By this time, employers need to inform employees of their coverageoptions."

To visit the website, go to