Extreme Cold Can Lead To Frostbite


With a blast of bitterly cold temps on the way, local doctors are warning you to watch out for frostbite.

Any skin left exposed in freezing temperatures has the risk of freezing.

Doctors at Good Samaritan Hospital say they haven't seen many cases of frostbite yet this year, but say if you don't prepare yourself to be out in the cold -- for instance by wearing proper clothing -- it could result in serious consequences.

"The parts of your body most at risk are fingers, toes, nose and ears," said ER doctor Brent Crandall. "And so if they become so deep that the cells can't recover from injury you could possibly lose toes, fingers, hands, whatever part is injured."

Doctors say signs to look out for are pain, numbness, and skin beginning to look glassy, black or blue. If that happens, seek medical attention.