Fair Offers Fried Nutella, Bacon Blooming Onions, and More Fun on a Stick


The Nebraska State Fair is known for its deep fried goodies. This year brings some new food choices, and new deals for those watching their wallet.

Good thing it's just one time a year, as Nebraskans indulge at the State Fair. Battered, fried, and put on a stick -- there's an incredible array of foods to try.

We asked staff, fairgoers, and vendors to name some of their favorites:

  • Deep fried chocolate cheesecake
  • Alligator bites
  • Bacon blooming onion
  • Cookie dough parfait
  • Fried mac and cheese
  • Catfish
  • Cookie dough on a stick
  • Fried Nutella
  • Donut burger
  • Deep fried Oreos
"And more," vendor coordinator Jaime Parr added.

With the newest fairgrounds in the nation, and strong attendance, there's a waiting list of vendors trying to get in.

New exhibitors like Aunt Edmoe's Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies don't necessarily get the prime real estate, but are happy to be here.

"This is our first year here, I don't think this location's the best but we'll pull them down here I guarantee," Don Deering said.

Fairgoers may want to get off the beaten path and visit the east side of the grounds.

Parr, the fair's facilities director said, "The East Entertainment Area has seven grounds acts and each is three or four shows a day. People will not want to miss E area. That is also where Porky's is, they have great specialty items."

Porky's was the big new hit last year, and will offer french toast burgers and fried watermelon.

As for the traditional vendors, some have weekday lunch specials from 11 - 2.

And there's one day bargain hunters will want to visit.

"During the week we have $2 Tuesday and lots of concessions and vendors have agreed to do $2 items for that special this year," Parr said.

Don Deering lives in Minnesota and travels the country with his cookie stand, and thought this would be a good stop.

"We give free samples and once they try our cookie dough, or cookies, it's all over. Fried cookies, number one seller," he said.

The fair continues to expand on the east side of the grounds where you can find antique tractors, live animal displays and food choices.