Fairbury Man Sent to Prison for Domestic Abuse


A Fairbury man has been sent to prison for repeat offenses of domestic violence.

Friday, Troy Peirce, 28, was given the maximum sentence of 20 to 60 months in prison for his second domestic assault offense. He was also convicted on one count of obstructing a police officer. He was sentenced to an additional 12 months behind bars for the obstruction charge.

"Mr.Peirce has a history of violence against women," said Attorney General Jon Bruning. "Domestic abuseis a serious crime with lasting consequences for victims. Today's sentencehelps to ensure Mr. Peirce is held accountable for the damage he has done."

Peirce was arrested in November 2011 after local law enforcement responded to adisturbance call in Fairbury. He tried to run from the scene when officers went to place him in police custody.

Peircepleaded guilty to the felony domestic violence charge in January 2012.

The victim in Peirce's abuse was his then girlfriend. He was previously convicted ofdomestic assault of a different woman in Lancaster County.

As part of the 2004 Attorney General'sannual legislative package, LB 613 classified domestic assault as a distinctcrime and created tougher penalties for repeat offenders.

AssistantAttorney General Greg Ariza handled this case.