Fairbury Squad Car Being Held in Lincoln County Until Case is Closed

Stanly Colby

Lincoln County authorities say they won't be giving back Fairbury's newest police cruiser any time soon, as it is evidence in an ongoing case.

Fairbury's police chief has requested that Lincoln County authorities return the 2013 Ford Explorer that is believed to have been stolen by one of Fairbury's own police officers.

Chief Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputy Roland Kramer says Fairbury can't have the vehicle back until the case against 40-year-old Stanly Colby is closed.

Colby was arrested in September south of North Platte after Lincoln County officials were notified by Fairbury police that Colby had stolen the squad car and could be in the area.

A chase ensued when a North Platte police officer spotted the reported vehicle. Authorities were able to arrest Colby -- still in uniform -- several miles south of North Platte on U.S. Highway 83.

Deputies drove Colby to Lincoln this week for a psychiatric evaluation to see whether he is competent to stand trial.