Fall Blitz Volleyball Tournament Helps Community


A longstanding Kearney tournament brings athletes together in the spirit of fun and friendly competition.

Area gyms were the hotspots this weekend as the Fall Blitz volleyball competition continued in Kearney. This tournament has been going on for more than 25 years, bringing 66 co-ed and women's teams from across the state to show off their skills on the court.

As the tournament keeps growing, it brings in revenue while helping out the community.

"It's good to always get together and play sports with friends, and if all the money is going to a good cause then it's worth it," said Fall Blitz participant Jawna Kuck.

"It's for a great cause. You know we're donating back to the United Way and back to our middle schools, and we're bringing in people into Kearney which is a great deal too, and a lot of people are having fun," said KPR Recreation Superintendent Jade Meads. "I've gotten a lot of ‘This is a great tournament we're having a lot of fun', there's a lot of different people from around the area, and we come together and play volleyball, you know it's a lot of fun!"

Proceeds from the Fall Blitz will go to the Kearney Area United Way, and will also benefit the volleyball programs at Horizon and Sunrise Middle Schools.