Fallen Tree Hits Gibbon Home


The 85 mile an hour winds from Wednesday's storm had owners of one home waking up to a big surprise. An entire tree fell on their home just off the Ravenna road in Gibbon.

The homeowners actually didn't hear the tree fall at all while they were inside the house. They said the loud noises of hail and wind overpowered the sound of the tree crashing into their home.

The owners said the 100 to 125 year old hackberry tree hit the porch roof before crashing into the second story, which might have dulled the sound inside.

Nona Svoboda described what she first saw in the wake of the storm.

“We looked outside because for one thing, the door didn't want to open. The wind was blowing so hard that you couldn't try to get it open. It was like oh my gosh because we had no idea that it was going to be this severe."

The entire tree was lying on the roof. One of the bedrooms on the second floor has a crack in the ceiling.

The owner added the tree was not at all leaning before the storm.

"We went to the basement for maybe five minutes and then we came back up because it was going to calm down, but it didn't," explained Svoboda.

Svoboda mentioned that she had a tree inspector out a while ago and they warned them the tree was rotting from the inside.

She also says she feels lucky she has neighbors to help clean up and that no one was injured. They do have home insurance and plan to plant another tree in its place.