False Reports of Downtown Parking Meters in Kearney


"It seems to be a needed thing for Kearney. If it's a needed thing, then it's a good thing," shared Maye Smith, Kearney resident.

While some say yes, some will say no when the issue of parking meters in Kearney arises.

"It's not a city problem. It's the businesses that have to iron this out," explained Ron Lieske, Kearney Downtown Improvement board member.

False reports have recently surfaced regarding parking meters coming to the downtown area. Smith is a frequent area shopper on The Bricks, and she says she often runs into one problem.

"The people that work downtown get all of the parking places in the lots; and the people that are shopping, don't have a place to park. So, we need something different about that," stated Smith.

It is that same problem that is leaving the board to push the responsibility of fixing the parking issue elsewhere.

"Realistically, that's probably the majority of the problem. It's employees of some of the businesses down there that are parking there when they should be parking a block over and walking to work. It's a problem businesses need to work out," said Lieske.

The last time Kearney had parking meters was back in 1982, and when the meters were told to hit the road, that is when the two-, three- and eight-hour limitations drove in.

"Some of the businesses felt that some of their customers, or the people that are downtown shopping, needed the three-hour time limit," shared Lieske.

However, some of those customers think the limitations are not working.

"We need a little bit of rotation there so that more people can have the opportunity to park and shop," Smith said.

Whether it is out with the old, and in the with new, the board is hitting the brakes until companies give the green light.

"This is something that has to come from businesses themselves," stated Lieske.