Families and Children With Disabilities Celebrate At Christmas Party


For families of children with disabilities, the Arc of Buffalo County helps out by throwing a family Christmas party.

This year's Grinch-themed party offered families a more structured setting to come and celebrate the holidays.

Organizers say events like this lets everyone celebrate in a less stressful environment, and parents say it's a chance for their children to intermingle.

"Sam's more inquisitive more than anything, she likes to go give hugs and kisses," said Stephanie Perdue. "All the other kids kind of understand that and are not intimidated by that."

"I know when I was raising a child with a disability, sometimes it was hard to go to regular parties or church parties," said Arc of Buffalo County's Kristen Larsen. "This is just a safer setting where we know if a child...I have a little guy over here while I'm interviewing and it's not a big deal, he just wants to be part of the fun."

The ARC of Buffalo County partnered with other local support groups and volunteers to host this party. More than 100 children and 40 families attended the festivities.