Family Asks For Help to Cover Infant's Medical Costs


It's a health care dilemma that has nothing to do with the new Affordable Care Act.

One Grand Island family says they can't afford care for their infant son.

A happy baby by day, Aydan Matz's family says night is a different story.

"He wakes up screaming," said Joshua Matz, Aydan's uncle.

"He holds his head and screams because he's in so much pain," said Aydan's mother Samantha Matz.

Samantha says her son has seizures.

"They don't know yet if he has Erb's or Cerebral Palsy or something else," said his grandmother Cathy Matz.

That uncertainty is why the Matzs say Medicaid won't pay for a helmet or the treatments that go with one.

"They say it's cosmetic," said Cathy. "The two doctors said he is in desperate need of one; but even though they sent in forms saying that the child is in need, they still will not pay for it."

So, on the day he turned eight months old, Aydan is attending a chili feed to raise money for that helmet.

Though the event wasn't well attended, the Matzs haven't given up hope that they'll raise the $4,000 needed or find answers.

"As soon as the results come back from his EEG, and if they come back abnormal, then he'll have an MRI," said Samantha. "Then the MRI will tell us or show us something."

If you'd like to help the Matzs, there is a fund set up at all U.S. Banks under the name Aydan Lee Matz.

The family is also hoping to have another fundraiser in December.