Family Escapes House Fire with Minor Injuries


An elderly couple escaped with minor injuries, as fire gutted their Grand Island home.

The fire began in an enclosed porch and quickly spread. The home is near the Five Points intersection in north central Grand Island and only a few blocks from a fire station.

Firefighters got it out quickly, but the damage had been done. There was extensive damage not only to the porch, but fire and smoke damage throughout the main living area.

"Obviously it's going to be uninhabitable for some time," Shift Commander Scott Kuehl said. "We've got Red Cross coming to take care of the occupants for the next few days until they get things figured out with their insurance company."

An elderly couple shares the home with their daughter, at the corner of Clark and 14th. Neighbors say the man received an arm injury trying to get out of the house.

Firefighters treated him at the scene, but said he did not need to be hospitalized.