Family Illness Sends Kerrey's Wife and Son to NY


Bob Kerrey says a family illness is sending his wife and son back to New York. However, Kerrey said that this "does not signal that I'm moving back to New York."

Kerrey reported that Sarah Paley, his wife, is going back to New York to spend time with her sister who, at this time, is very ill.

Kerrey also said Friday was their son Henry's last day of school in Omaha.

In Tuesday's elections Kerrey lost the U.S. Senate race to Republican Deb Fischer. He was labeled as a carpetbagger during the campaign because of his return to Nebraska after 10 years in New York.

Kerrey blames the attack ad-fueled carpetbagger label on the failure of his campaign and said it kept his campaign from gaining traction.

The loss of the campaign does not mean Kerrey will be leaving the state. Kerrey said, "We have a house here. Sarah, Henry and I will be spending significant time in Nebraska."

He said he intends to "split his time between Nebraska and New York" working with a few non-profits and his current businesses.

Kerrey expects to announce in the coming weeks an enterprise based in Omaha which will deal with some of the things he talked about during the campaign.

The enterprise will focus on "primarily changing Congress, it's become a cause for me," Kerrey said.

Courtesy: Joe Jordan, Nebraska Watchdog.