Family Organizes 'Strollin' For Streeters' for Ailing Parents


With both parents diagnosed with life altering illnesses, their daughters organized a fundraiser as an outlet to cope with the news and help with medical costs.

Mike Streeter was diagnosed in 2013 with Parkinson's disease, and Mindy was diagnosed this past January with a form of Leukemia. Mindy now needs a bone marrow transplant.

This weekend's 5k race and one mile walk and benefit dinner is helping their daughters stop grieving, so they can give something back to their parents.

"When the day comes we get to go to mom and dad's house and knock on the door and say 'look what we did for you, it's all for you,' I can't wait for that moment," said daughter Kristin Vogt.

"We can't create a medicine to give our dad, we can't be donors for our mom or create a medicine that will save her," said daughter Mindy Lester, "but we can help ease this part of the burden, to work together to help ease some of the financial burden that their diagnoses have placed on our family."

The 'Strollin' for Streeters' walk and run will be held at Yanney park Saturday, July 26 at 9 a.m., with a silent auction, raffle and dinner to take place at the Kearney VFW hall Saturday at 6 p.m.

REPORTER'S NOTES: The 5k run/one mile walk will be at the tower/amphitheater area with registration starting at 8 a.m., and the dinner is a free-will donation with auction and raffle items that include Husker tickets and a trip to Mexico. More information can be found on