Family Science Night Promotes Curiosity, Shows Learning Can Be Fun


An after school program puts the theory to rest that learning science is all about boring textbooks and lectures.

From learning about electricity to engineering challenges..these students-and their parents-were actually immersed in science at Buffalo Hills Elementary School on Friday.

Promoters say it's a way to get kids to try things on their own, to promote curiosity, which ultimately leads to discovery.

"I kind of agree that thinking it's genius, you've gotta have genius to make a discovery and it's not, it's curiosity, and so we brought things today that would promote and provoke their curiosity," said scientist Ken Schroeder. "Because that will lead them on a path to make discoveries and try things and to attempt things and it's powerful when families get to do things together.

Educators add that parental involvement also keeps them engaged, which opens the line of communication when their kids come home.

"This helps refresh parents, helps them maybe to connect when they're doing homework," said after school program director Michelle Arehart. "They can go 'Oh, remember when we learned that in science night and this is how we did it,' so it really is just a way to make all those connections."

Science night is part of Kearney Community Learning Center which encourages a positive after school learning environment for students and families.