Farm Family of the Month: Grams


Fromgeneration to generation, the farming tradition is growing. The Grams family inUpland has a long history of farming; going back almost five generations.

"Ifarmed with my dad and brothers until 1988 when we split everything up. My father was a big influence. He got me intofarming, and I am thankful to him every day. I sure enjoy doing it," said JoelGrams, farmer.

It is that same father-to-son relationship that you will find between Joel and ZachGrams while raising corn and soybeans on their farm.

"Ithink it is neat for my dad to see me be a part of it, and I think it is neatfor my grandfather to see his son be a part of it," shared Zach Grams, farmer.

Itisn't just a man's job as you will also find another helping hand on their farm;the hand that keeps the two guys in line.

"Ihave my wife at home. She helps when we need her, and she is always supportingme, and listening to me. Sometimes, it is all I need. She's always there tohelp," said Joel.

Joelstarted teaching Zach the fundamentals at a young age with hopes to get that fifthgeneration to stick around.

"Asa little boy, I always loved coming to work with my dad, and I just kept goingand never quit. Now, I am down here every day," shared Zach.

"WithZach around, I have someone to help, and someone to pass it on to someday,"stated Joel.

Withthe generator after generation pattern, they hope it will lead to better resultsfor the community they serve.

"Ithink it's pride and doing a good job of the land so I can pass it on to thenext generation. Knowing that we are helping feed the world is something to beproud of," shared Joel.