Lexington Farm Family Helps Educate Others on Farm Life


For most Americans, life on the farm is something that they learn about through movies or TV, but one area farm family is offering a more interactive way to educate the public.

Lexington farmer Don Batie and his family have been farming the same plot of land for generations now and educating the public about farm life is a way they give back to those who are interested.

For the Batie family farming is not just an occupation, but it's a way of life, and through farm tours and his blog -- Platter Valley Farmer -- the Batie family is able to share their special way of life that they feel so fortunate to have.

"The farm has been in our family for 140 years. My great grandfather moved here from England 140 years ago this spring and started the farm. I've been fortunate enough to inherit the farm," Don says.

Farm life has had its challenges however, and the struggles of operating the farm while raising two daughters wasn't easy.

But they feel life on the farm, though not for everyone, is a special and rewarding way of life.