Farm Tech Aids Harvest


How'd you like a mobile "man cave", complete with fridge, TVs, satellite radio, and a place for your iPad and smartphone? Farmers have such a vehicle... which also happens to harvest corn.

For a price starting around $300,000 you can have a mobile office, also known as a combine.

They've got lots of creature comforts. Farmers may only use them for a couple of weeks a year, but they spend 12 to 14 hour days aboard them.

Companies like Case IH have fridges and iPad holders on their list of available options.

Most farmers aren't watching TV, but they still have plenty of screens.

Brandon Hunnicutt, president of the Nebraska Corn Growers said, "I'm able to monitor just about everything. I've got yield and moisture content."

Plus a series of cameras mounted on the big machine.

"It's great because you're going down the road and just the little things you see right behind you," he explained.

The trucks that haul grain have gotten bigger too. It's not unusual to have multiple semis on a farm. Corn growers say the benefit is hauling three times as much grain at once.

Doug Saathoff of Hastings said if a driver has to wait in line to deliver corn at the grain elevator, at least they have more corn to drop off.